Monday, February 11, 2008

Gender Myth Busters

People often ask me why a site that is dedicated to eradicating misandry includes articles that seem to portray women in a negative light. Well the simple answer to that is that certain groups (radical feminists) have tried to suggest that men have a monopoly on violence, men are always the aggressors, men are always the perpetrators of sexual violence, and victims are always female.

Yes men can be violent but so can women, people are capable of a vast array of behaviours and both genders are capable of despicable behaviour and beautiful behaviour.

The classic feminist catch cry "all men are rapists", should make all reasonable men stand up, listen and perhaps think, its time I defended myself from such utter rubbish.

A recent domestic violence campaign in Australia focused soley on female victims and male perpetrators implying that this is the natural order of things, when research has shown this to be untrue (Check out MediaRadar for some great resources on this topic).

Now when faced with such pervasive propoganda, the key to challenging it is undermining its credibility and this can most effectively be achieved by busting the gender myths. The Mythbusters on TV have done a great job of demonstrating how certain widely held beliefs are nothign more than spurious myths. I have taken a lead from them and would like to attempt to shed the same sense of clarity on the gender war.

A first step in gender myth busting involves identifying cases of women who have engaged in DV, child abuse, partner murder and other violent acts in order to demonstrate that women do indeed engage in such behaviours. While also reporting cases of male victims of domestic violence, partner abuse and sexual assault.

The next step is to identify the postive examples of fatherhood that exist and the new research that is being published that clearly establishes the important contribution that fathers make to the development of their children.

Lets reflect on the great feminist slogan, "Women can do anything", and I must say that I generally agree with the implications of such a statement and note that women are capable of great acts of love, generosity, leadership and bravery but they are also capable of violence, sexual abuse and murder.

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