Sunday, September 9, 2007

The New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Men

When we look around the world today one thing I note is the proliferation of organizations that have emerged to serve the needs of women. We are told that the reason such organizations focus on providing services for women, is because women are disadvantaged and they need help. While the argument is presented that men do not need such support because we have it so damn good, and yes we do have advantages but there are inherent hazards to masculinity. ( men die on average six years earlier than women, and commit 80% of all suicides)

There is no doubt that in certain areas women are still disadvantaged, particularly in third world countries, however the great strides that have been made for women in the west are directly related to the massive number of programs with this aim. I am grateful for many of the advances that feminism has stimulated in society, however its now time for men to be given the chance to reconceptualise themselves.

I came across an interesting summary of this imbalance and have summarised some of the main points. To read the complete version click here. In Australia men contribute about 70% of the total tax dollars collected. Yet women's programs receive over $5billion in funding while funding for specific male initiatives attracted only about $10million. Thus in regard to gender spending, it would seem that women get over 99 per cent of the funding and men get less than 1 per cent.

A google search is an interesting way to highlight the discrepancy when it comes to services for men. I just did a search for the term "office of the status of women" and received over 52,000 hits. A similar search for the term "office of the status of men" produced 8 hits.

Up until recently I was under the impression that no such office had ever been created for men. So you can imagine my surprise when I came upon the New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Men. This is a wonderful achievement, however, the fact that they seem to be the only one of their kind in the Western world (please feel free to correct me), is of concern. We need an office of this kind in every country in the world to reverse the pervasive discrimination that is damaging the lives of millions of men.

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Vagina Monologues - Lesbian pedophilia?

Eve Ensler seems to think that pedophilia can be a liberating experience. In her work the Vagina Monologues Ensler recounts the story of a 13 year old girl who is sexually abused by an adult female. After widespread public criticism she changed the age of the girl to 16.

Below is a direct quote from the play, where the sexual molestation of this young girl is presented as a liberating experience.

"Afterwards the gorgeous lady teaches me everything about my Coochi Snorcher [vagina]. She makes me play with myself in front of her and she teaches me all the different ways to give myself pleasure. She’s very thorough. She tells me to always know how to give myself pleasure so I’ll never need to rely on a man. In the morning I am worried that I’ve become a butch because I’m so in love with her. She laughs, but I never see her again. I realize later she was my surprising, unexpected and politically incorrect salvation. She transformed my sorry-ass Coochi Snorcher and raised it into a kind of heaven."

Later on in the script Ensler has the young girl reflecting on her experiences.

"Now people say it was a kind of rape ... Well, I say if it was rape, it was a good rape then, a rape that turned my sorry-ass coochi snorcher into a kind of heaven."

Now I don't know about you but I find this kind of talk to be absolutely disgusting and Ensler is promulgating some foul ideas. I find the double standard here to be mind blowing, I mean if any man was caught expressing such ideas about young girls he would hounded, attacked and most likely imprisoned. But when Ensler does it she is applauded, sponsored and held up as a beacon of hope for women the world over. What a load of shit!

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Is Germaine Greer a pedophile?

Germaine Greer is an expert at being offensive, if she is not sniping at the recently deceased (Steve Irwin), the not so recently passed away (Princess Diana) she is lusting after pre-pubescent boys. When discussing her book the "Beautiful Boy" she has been quoted as saying, "I suppose some will call me a pedophile".

She goes on to describe the book as being
, "full of pictures of "ravishing" pre-adult boys with hairless chests, wide-apart legs and slim waists"

"I know that the only people who are supposed to like looking at pictures of boys are a subgroup of gay men," she wrote last year in London's Daily Telegraph. "Well, I'd like to reclaim for women the right to appreciate the short-lived beauty of boys, real boys, not simpering 30-year-olds with shaved chests."

This quote strikes me as not only deeply disturbing but it also seems to imply that she might as we speak be lusting after some poor boy, to be abused at her depraved hands.

If a man was seen to be making similar statements he would be condemned by the public and no reputable publisher would even consider producing a book that encourages men to seduce young girls.

Yet here is Greer promoting pedophilia, but because she is a woman talking about abusing boys it is acceptable, this is bloody outrageous.

Avoiding Kids: How Men Cope With Being Cast as Predators

The following article appeared in the Wall Street Journal on the 6th of September 2007. I have reprinted the article in its entirety.

Avoiding Kids: How Men Cope With Being Cast as Predators
By Jeff Zaslow -

These days, if Rian Romoli accidentally bumps into a child, he quickly raises his hands above his shoulders. "I don't want to give even the slightest indication that any inadvertent touching occurred," says Mr. Romoli, an economist in La Cañada Flintridge, Calif.

Ted Wallis, a doctor in Austin, Texas, recently came upon a lost child in tears in a mall. His first instinct was to help, but he feared people might consider him a predator. He walked away. "Being male," he explains, "I am guilty until proven innocent."

In San Diego, retiree Ralph Castro says he won't allow himself to be alone with a child - even in an elevator.

Last month, I wrote about how our culture teaches children to fear men. Hundreds of men responded, many lamenting that they've now become fearful of children. They said they avert their eyes when kids are around, or think twice before holding even their own children's hands in public.

Frank McEnulty, a builder in Long Beach, Calif., was once a Boy Scout scoutmaster. "Today, I wouldn't do that job for anything," he says. "All it takes is for one kid to get ticked off at you for something and tell his parents you were acting weird on the campout."

It's true that men are far more likely than women to be sexual predators. (I dispute this fact and would suggest that it is closer to equal with the large discrpancies in traditional research being affected by massive underreporting of female abuse - GR KLEIN) But our society, while declining to profile by race or nationality when it comes to crime and terrorism, has become nonchalant about profiling men. Child advocates are advising parents never to hire male babysitters. Airlines are placing unaccompanied minors with female passengers.

Child-welfare groups say these precautions minimize risks. But men's rights activists argue that our societal focus on "bad guys" has led to an overconfidence in women. (Children who die of physical abuse are more often victims of female perpetrators, usually mothers, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.)

Though groups that cater to the young are working harder to identify predators, they also ask that risks be kept in perspective. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America does criminal background checks on each of its 250,000 volunteers, and has social workers assess them. Since 1990, the
group says, it has had fewer than 10 abuse allegations per year. More than 98% of the alleged abusers were male.

"If we wanted to make sure we never had a problem, one approach would be to just become Big Sisters - to say we won't serve boys," says Mack Koonce, the group's chief operating officer. But, of course, that would deny hundreds of thousands of boys contact with male mentors.

The Boy Scouts of America now has elaborate rules to prevent both abuse and false accusations. There are 1.2 million Scout leaders, and the organization kicks out about 175 of them a year over abuse allegations or for violating policies.

These policies can be intricate. For instance, four adult leaders are needed for each outing. If a sick child must go home, two adults drive him and two stay with the others, so no adult is ever alone with a Scout. "It's protection for the adults, as well as the children," says a Scouts spokesman.

The result of all this hyper-carefulness, however, is that men often feel like untouchables. In Cochranville, Pa., Ray Simpson, a bus driver, says that he used to have 30 kids stop at his house on Halloween. But after his divorce, with people knowing he was a man living alone, he had zero visitors. "I felt like crying at the end of the evening," he says.

At Houston Intercontinental Airport, businessman Mitch Reifel was having a meal with his 5-year-old daughter when a policeman showed up to question him. A passerby had reported his interactions with the child seemed "suspicious."

In Skokie, Ill., Steve Frederick says the director of his son's day-care center called him in to reprimand him for "inappropriately touching the children." "I was shocked," he says. "Whatever did she mean?" She was referring to him reading stories with his son and other kids on his lap. A
parent had panicked when her child mentioned sitting on a man's lap.

"Good parenting and good education demand that we let children take risks," says Mr. Frederick, a career coach. "We install playground equipment, putting them at risk of falls and broken bones. Why? We want them to challenge themselves and develop muscles and confidence.

"Likewise, while we don't want sexual predators to harm our kids, we do want our kids to develop healthy relationships with adults, both men and women. Instilling a fear of men is a profound disservice to everyone."

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Dangerous work in Australia is performed overwhelmingly by men (ABS 2001). In one year alone there were 134,000 incidents of work-related fatalities and disabilities – not including work-related diseases. The overwhelming majority of these casualties were men.

While women are now in the Australian armed forces they do not take up active combat roles and during a war it is only men who are conscripted to fight. However, women have been killed in Iraq in the US Army but when we look at the total casualties in Iraq the female casualties comprise only 2.17% of the total.

Of the 25 worst jobs, as ranked by the Jobs Related Almanac based on a combination of salary, stress, security, and physical demands, 24 of them are predominantly, if not almost entirely, male, which might explain why men commit over 80% of all suicides. (Most of these statistics come from The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell.)

While average starting salaries for women continue to lag behind those of their male counterparts, females do have higher salaries in a number of areas including optometry (109.6 per cent of males’ salaries), pharmacy (104.9 per cent), biological sciences (102.6 per cent) and social work (102.4 per cent). However, it is important to note that males are over-represented in low income jobs with over 30 per cent of men aged 25 - 45 years earning less than $21,500 per year. The implication of this is that many men are not in a position to attract a spouse, marry and have kids.

When we look at unemployment rates in Australia we can see that men make up 66.6% of all the people receiving Newstart allowance (uemployment benefit) and male participation rates in the workforce have continued to decline as traditional areas of male employment disappear.

There are many programs directed at increasing the female employment participation rate at the expense of meeting parental obligations. It is no wonder that the birth rate is so low, but is this really creating a better society? Ironically feminism has elevated the masculine traits to be the most sort after for both genders and hence no one wants to look after the kids, because such roles have very low status and pay.

Recent research completed by Rocio Garcia-Retamero, a psychologist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin has identified that Women bosses are significantly more likely than men to discriminate against female employees.

The study found that when presented with applications for promotion, women were more likely than men to assess the female candidate as less qualified than the male one. The findings suggest that the “queen bee syndrome” of female rivalry in the workplace may be as important as sexism in holding back women’s careers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


There has been a reduction in numbers of boys going to university and girls are outperforming boys once they get to university. Fifty years ago only 20% of university students were female, as of 2001 females comprised 55% of all tertiary students and more than half of all university staff.

“An NEA (2004) survey show that the number of male public school teachers now stands at a 40 year low. After two decades of decline, just 21 percent of the nation’s 3 million teachers are men. Male elementary school teachers are even more scarce.”

“According to the NEA’s research report, Status of the American Public School Teacher, the percentage of male elementary teachers has fallen from an all time high of 18 percent in 1981 to al all time low of 9 percent today. And while men represented half of the secondary teachers in 1986 today they make up 35 percent.”

“Why do you think this is? Would it have anything to do with the fact that some statistics show that more than 70% of sexual abuse charges against men are false”

In Australia in 1983 34% of all education students at university were men, while in 2000 this had dropped to 24%.

Pru Goward stated that, "the reason men don't take up teaching is not the absence of a scholarship when they’re 18, it’s the absence of decent pay when they’re older, and decent promotional opportunities, the fact that the profession’s seen as very girly, that young men don’t want to be seen as wusses, some men fear that they might be called homosexual, and of course there’s all those allegations of men interfering with small children."

Now I wonder how Pru's logic would be recieved by women who have entered politics, business, construction and engineerin such blokey professions I wonder if girls who enter these fields are concerned about being called lesbians?

When certain people in the education sector proposed affirmative action programs to get more men in teaching Pru Goward the federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner denied this was neccessary saying it is the quality and skill of the teacher that is most important. If we use this same logic we mighty say that there is no need to have an equal number of women in parliament because it should be about the skill and ability of the MP not their gender.

"The Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Pru Goward, is friends with the Prime Minister, but that hasn't stopped her accusing the Howard Government of social engineering today. Ms Goward is angry about the proposed men-only scholarships for primary school teacher training.

Only one in five primary schoolteachers is a man, and many schools have no male teachers. So the Federal Government is proposing a $2,000 scholarship to encourage men into the profession. Unlike Pru Goward, the Catholic Education Office in Sydney has welcomed the initiative."

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Man's Right to Choose

I am a very lucky man, I have a beautiful, healthy and happy little girl who I have a great relationship with. I am no longer with her mother but we share the parenting. Being a parent is a huge responsibility and one that you need to be fully committed to in order to build a positive relationship with your child. I believe that everyone (regardless of gender) should be able to decide when they are ready to be a parent.

If a woman decides that she doesn't want to have a child she can have an abortion. However, a man has no legal impact on this decision making process and he will be bound by the woman’s decision. I must say that I am not a big fan of abortion as I believe that we need to consider other options. (I can appreciate that there are certain circumstances ie when the baby is severely deformed or the mother's life is at risk) . However, there are other options to abortion (ie adoption) that should be promoted and actively supported by governments. (ie provide comprehensive financial support for pregnant women who might otherwise have an abortion, to offset job loss etc).

A man cannot decide to abort his parental rights, he must then commit to 16years of child support whether he wants to or not. We should be able to choose whether we want to be fathers, just as women can choose if they want to be mothers. But unlike women our choice will not be whether we kill the child or let it live, rather our choice will be between taking on the role of father or passing this role onto other men who are ready and willing (ie adoption).

Indeed abortion and birth control are two key processes that have enabled women to extend their education and take on careers, and are crucial to the feminist perspective. Without the ability to control their reproductive cycle they were confined by biology. Today the situation is reversed and it is men who have no choice when they will be parents.

In some countries if it is proven that you are not the father of the child via DNA, the "non-father" may still be required to keep paying child support.

Equal Opportunity

In recent years many feminists have noted that there are few women holding senior positions in government and industry. In order to address this imbalance in society affirmative action programs were created to allow women to enter into these male dominated domains. For it would appear that in every sphere men are disproportionately represented at the top.

However, one of the key aspects of the male gender is that we are disproportionately represented at the highest levels of society (CEO's, leaders etc) and at the bottom end of society in prison. For example 94% of all prisoners are men, the majority of our homeless, unemployed, mentally ill, and drug addicted and also male. It is easy to focus on the successful men and in the process forget about the masses of men who dominate the underclasses.

Women have also been able to create female only areas such as the Fernwood Fitness centre or the Women's room on most university campuses creating segregation on the one hand (Zonta International - female only business organisation) yet demanding that women be admitted to male only clubs and organisation (ie Tattersals Club - Brisbane). So while women carve out female only spaces they demand that men do away with their private spaces.

While in Victoria they have recently created the first women only jobs site, which only offers jobs for women. A similar website for men only is unlikely to appear as it would be described as sexist and discriminatory. While this seems like a nice idea it is important to note that men make up 66% of people receiving the newstart allowance (unemployment benefit). A paper by R Lattimore Men not at Work , clearly illustrates the extent of male unemployment.

However, when people noted that boys were struggling in school and that most primary teachers and teachers in general are female it was suggested that perhaps an affirmative action program to get men into teaching might be needed. However, it was stated by the education department that the most important thing as the skill of the teacher not their gender.

While most universities have an aim to institute affirmative action programs to encourage women to enter traditional male areas there are very few programs aimed at encouraging men to enter non traditional careers (i.e. nursing, child care, primary teaching). For example in teaching courses at university up to 80% of students may be female.

"To have a student body that closely reflects the make-up of the broader society, to build an environment which fosters successful participation by people from diverse backgrounds, and to develop graduates who are culturally sensitive in order to contribute to creating a society that values diversity and difference"

Men's rights groups have described women-only events and organizations as "separatist", with the UK Men and Father's Rights Website describing women-only library tables, for example, as "apartheid practices of excluding men".

A domestic airline in Australia recently introduced rules that stated that unaccompanied children can not be seated next to males. The idea is that because most perpetrators (although this is debateable) of sexual abuse are males, therefore all males are suspect. It would be like suggesting that because most people who engage in petrol sniffing are indigenous that all indigenous people should not be allowed to purchase petrol. An absurd and highly offensive proposition.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Violent women in action

Today I was reading the courier mail and found three articles that clearly illustrate the potential for women to engage in violent behavior. I have reprinted these articles below. I would like to point out that this is not an attack on women rather it is an attempt to highlight a discrepancy in the way we view the world, that women are never violent. However, I will quote the much use feminist catch cry yet again and say yes indeed "women can do anything."

Breaking the Lies Part 4 - The Gender "Myth Busters".

A HIGH school student carried out a frightening and unprovoked attack on a defenceless 57-year-old woman before turning on a good Samaritan, a court has been told.
Shannon Maree O'Reilly, 17, of Coorparoo, appeared at the Brisbane Magistrates Court today charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, and one count each of grievous bodily harm and wilful damage.

It is alleged the Coorparoo Secondary College student attacked the stranger on a Coorparoo street yesterday morning before turning on a 34-year-old man who came to the woman's aid.
Police prosecutor Sergeant Kerrilee Larasey told the court it was a "totally unprovoked, frightening assault" on a frail woman who weighed just 35kg.

Court documents reveal the victim, who received a deep laceration to her skull, also suffers from Parkinson's disease.

The court was told O'Reilly suffered from medical conditions including psychosis and depression and had acted out of character.

But a bail application was denied and she was remanded in custody.
She is due to reappear in the same court on October 2.

A YOUNG real estate professional has been jailed over a dancefloor confrontation with another woman in which she smashed a drinking glass in her face.

In a sign of courts' toughening stance against such offences, Brisbane District Court judge Garry Forno ordered that 22-year-old Sheri Avril Hayes spend the next three months behind bars as punishment for her violent outburst in February last year on the dance floor at Friday's nightclub in inner-city Brisbane.

Hayes, a senior property manager at ReMax, cried throughout yesterday's sentencing hearing and continued to sob as she was led away to the courtroom cells.

The court was told the 19-year-old victim was a stranger but brushed past an intoxicated Hayes as she and her friends moved to the club's dance floor.

The pair did not initially exchange words, but there was some jostling, and Hayes then bumped into the other woman a couple of times before asking her if she was looking for a fight. The court was told two of the victim's friends confronted Hayes and told her they did not want a fight.
Hayes then struck the victim with her beer glass.

She was treated in hospital for cuts on her nose and forehead and has since been referred to a plastic surgeon for advice about scarring. Police were tipped off about Hayes's involvement in the incident a few days later.

She pleaded guilty yesterday to a charge of wounding. The court was told Hayes was deeply ashamed of her behaviour and that her career was now under threat.
Judge Forno told her he accepted the violent incident was out of character, but said a deterrent sentence had to be imposed.

"I'm satisfied, and it does me no pleasure in doing or saying this, that some short period of custody is necessarily indicated," he said.

Judge Forno imposed an 18-month jail term, but ordered Hayes be released on parole in December.

A DRUNKEN woman dangled her five-year-old daughter from a bridge and then threatened to have shocked witnesses killed by bikies, police have alleged.

The girl allegedly screamed "Don't drop me, Mummy" as her mother Rebecca May Gleeson held her above the Coomera River.

A shaven-headed and tattooed Gleeson, 27, has faced Southport Magistrate's Court charged with endangering the welfare of her child.

Police from the Child Protection Unit said they were called to the area about 11.30pm last Friday following reports of a woman attempting to throw her daughter off the bridge.

In a court brief, police said witnesses reported hearing a car revving loudly in the car park with smoke coming from the vehicle.

Witnesses said they saw a woman sitting passed out in the driver's seat with a young girl next to her, dressed only in pyjama pants.

The girl was allegedly trying to escape from the smoke-filled car when a witness grabbed the car keys.

"Get the f––– away from my child," Gleeson allegedly yelled before scooping up her daughter and running across the bridge.

"If I drop the kid, it's all your fault. Don't call the police."

Gleeson allegedly lifted her daughter over the bridge railing, telling witnesses: "You're all f–––ing dead, you're all going to die. I know everyone in the Rebels (bikie gang) and I'm going to have you guys killed."

As witnesses argued with Gleeson, she allegedly yelled: "I'm going to drop her."
She was arrested by police who say she was "extremely aggressive" and threatened to burn down the police station.

Opposing bail, prosecutor Sergeant Warren Murdock said there were concerns for Gleeson's mental health.

However, a mental health court liaison officer said Gleeson's behaviour was not driven by mental illness but by alcohol.

Duty solicitor Mark Schofield said Gleeson had been on anti-depressants but had not taken her medication for 10 days.

Mr Schofield said Gleeson's daughter was now in the care of her grandparents and his client was willing to have no contact with the girl until the case was finalised.

But Magistrate John Costanzo said Gleeson posed a risk to her daughter, herself and the community until her mental state was stabilised, and denied her bail. The case was adjourned for a committal hearing on November 26.

Alcohol link to rise in attacks by girls

Jordan Baker Chief Police Reporter | September 10, 2007

BINGE drinking has been blamed for a surge in the number of women arrested for violence.

The number of women identified by police as being involved in assault incidents grew from 13,373 in 2002-03 to 14,806 in 2006-07, figures from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show.

There was a 2.3 per cent growth in the 10 to 17 age bracket, and of 2.6 per cent among women aged over 18.

The overall assault rate and assaults by men have remained steady.

The emergency director of St Vincent's Hospital, Gordian Fulde, has no doubt a rise in binge drinking is behind the growing number of females committing assault.

He described the massive increase in the representation of drunk young women to his department over the past few years as "scary".

"Have I seen an upward trend in the number of women involved in assaults? Yes: a) in number, b) in severity.

"Women tolerate alcohol less. The disinhibition will then mean it disinhibits their control. They'll start swearing, act aggressively and they'll fight. And they'll cause fights," Dr Fulde said.

The statistics bureau chief, Don Weatherburn, said nationwide data showed the number of women entering emergency departments with acute alcohol intoxication had also risen. "The contribution of methamphetamine to female assault is minuscule compared with the contribution of alcohol," he told the Herald.

Dr Fulde said binge drinking was also causing young women to be more sexually permissive. "That sets up for a whole lot of problems."

There have been several violent attacks by women recently, although it is not known whether they were linked to alcohol.

Early last month, four young women were charged over a violent robbery in which the victims were allegedly knocked to the ground and assaulted.

A few days later, two women were charged with murder and aggravated robbery occasioning actual bodily harm over the murder of an 87-year-old for $700.

Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last year showed one in eight adults, or about 2 million people, drank at a risky level in the week surveyed.

But the increase in those drinking at a risky level in the 10 years since 1995 was greater for women than for men. Risky consumption involves more than seven standard drinks for men and five for women on any single occasion.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Domestic Violence

Let me start by saying that domestic violence is a terrible scourge on our community and victims of this crime (regardless of gender) deserve all the help they can get. However, there is an assumption in the media campaigns being run in Australia that domestic violence is about men beating their partners. This leads to a men are only perpetrators and women are only victims dichotomy. Thus, the message is that men who are beaten by their female partners do not exist. However, research into this issues suggests that one reason there are few statistics for male victims is that men often dont report the crime. Domestic violence is a reprehensible act and both men and women are victims of this crime. So we need programs that highlight this fact not misinformation that only casts men in the role of perpetrators.

Furthermore, as many posters and stickers assert "women can do anything", and if this is the case we can assume that 'anything' includes both positive and negative behaviours. Feminism has vastly improved the plight of women in western society, and we now know that women are capable of doing everything that a man can do. Unfortunately this includes being violent.

A survey by Bruce Heady and Dorothy Scott of Melbourne University and David De Vaus of La Trobe University exposes the feminist lie that only women are victims of domestic violence. The survey of 1643 persons found that men are assaulted more frequently than women in domestic situations, as the tables below reveal.

Per cent assaulted by their partners in the past 12 months 1996/97. Survey of 804 men and 839 women

% experiencing this type of assault

Type of assault



Slap, shake or scratch



Hit with fist or something in hand, or thrown






Any type of assault (one or more of the above)



Table 4. Injury and pain due to assaults (N=1643). Australia 1996/97

% Victims

Type of assault



Injured, needed first aid



Needed treatment by a doctor or nurse



Pain as bad as hitting thumb with a hammer, or worse



Called the police or other government authority



“A May 2006 survey by Western Australian Police: 58 women murdered their partners

A domestic homicide register compiled by the Western Australian police force's Major Crime Division and released in May 2006 exposes the lies and propaganda of the Violence Against Women campaign. This report details all domestic homicides in WA for the past ten years. The report reveals that of the 221 homicides resulting from domestic violence, 58 murders were committed by females, including wives, mothers and daughters.

The worst domestic killing detailed in the report was committed in July 1999 by Barbara Wyrzkowski who gassed to death her five children - Mark 8, twins Luke and Sarah, 5, Jessie, 4 and Jade,1. It remains Australia's largest domestic child killing.”

A report from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, NSW, Oct 2005. (For full report click here), shows that males comprise 30% of victims of DV, and that in cases of DV against women, other women are initiators of violence in 19% of cases. It also shows that incidents of DV are frequently compounded by effects of alcohol, and that poverty is the single most powerful predictor of rates of DV in NSW

"I do think that violence by men towards women does have special characteristics, but I don't think that it can be divorced from the general violence of all types within our society. Women as well as men support state violence from police, prison officers, the army and teachers in schools. Violence by the state far exceeds the acts of any individuals."

Julie McCrossin

Almost 200 studies on partner violence have reached the consistent conclusion that women are equally likely as men to engage in domestic violence:

  • Irene Hanson Frieze concluded in the September 2005 issue of Psychology of Women Quarterly that “research indicates that women can be just as violent as their partners.”
  • A 2000 meta-analysis by Dr. John Archer in Psychological Bulletin concluded, “Women were slightly more likely than men to use one or more act of physical aggression.”
  • Dr. Martin Fiebert of California State University recently summarized his research, “women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.”

Victims of Violence

"Shortly after the PSS's release, the New Zealand Herald reported on a new study. Where only one partner in a relationship is violent, it is more likely to be the woman, University of Otago researchers have found. Researcher Kirsten Robertson, of the university's psychology department, said the finding indicated a change of thinking was required on domestic violence."

"Violence against men most often took the form of a brute physical attack rather than a sexual assault/threat. When perpetrated by another man, the assault occurred "at licensed premises (34 percent) or in the open (35 percent), however if the perpetrator was female then 77 percent of the physical assaults occurred in the home."

It will surprise most people to know that men comprise roughly one half of all of the spouse abuse victims in the United States. International studies show that this is true throughout most of the world

"anyone who campaigns to prevent violence against women should vigorously applaud similar efforts directed toward men."

It has been suggested that Australian men need to launch a ‘Reclaim the Night’ event. The facts speak for themselves Australian men are twice as likely as women to become victims of physical violence or of threats thereof (11 percent of men; 5.8 percent of women). For the population between eighteen and twenty-four years of age, men were almost three times as likely (31 percent of men; 12 percent of women). The people who are at the greatest risk of violence are young males.

So while a program focused on ending violence against women is admirable, shouldn’t anti violence campaigns reject all violence, not simply that which affects only half the population. Recent research has busted the myth that women are less violent than men, and as feminism has taught us women can do anything, and this also includes being violent.

The fact that the ratio of male and female batterers is close to 50/50 - and that women are as likely to instigate violence as men. Programs that urge us to cease violence toward women may be well intentioned but leave me with the impression that it is ok to be violent toward men.

Men are conditioned to protect women and children not other men. Also part of the male conditioning is to deny any weakness so men are loath to admit they need help because it contradicts fundamental social conditioning.

Law and Crime

Some people suggest that most laws are designed to regulate men, not women Indeed our laws are designed by men to control men. The best proof of that is the fact that about 94% of all prisoners are male.

Laws are supposedly designed to protect the weak, not the strong. Thus we have special laws protecting women from the activities of men, but do not laws protecting men from the activities of women. In our society, men are considered strong enough to stand on their own, and should not need protection.

Studies have shown that when a man or woman commits an equal crime, it is generally the man who gets the more severe punishment (examples include the punishment that is handed out to female pedophiles (click on this YOU TUBE video of female pedophiles) who abuse children and males who do the same thing). That is because most laws are directed against men, and most laws are designed to protect and benefit women. For example the “Violence Against Women Act” that was passed by the US Congress in 1998.

Roughly half of all sexual impropriety reported in U.S. prisons and jails last year was perpetrated by correctional staff, not inmates. Female staff were the offenders in two-thirds of the prison cases, and two-thirds of the victims of prison staff were male inmates, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

“A deranged Lorena Bobbit cuts off her husbands penis for no particular reason, gets one month mental observation, and is set free. She becomes a hero to certain women’s libbers with evil in their heart, and a source of considerable humor. If a man had cut off a woman’s breast (a considerably less damaging operation), he would be considered an unusually evil person by the media, and would have spent many years in jail”

“In July, 1999 George Walter Jackson of Albuquerque gets a 36 year sentence for allowing his wife to abuse their child. Judge and prosecutor agreed that Jackson’s wife did the abuse, but blamed him for being so weak in front of her. Even though Jackson had been abused as a child and couldn’t psychologically stand up to his wife, since he is a man he couldn’t use the “I was abused myself” plea that so many women get away with in the courts and in the media, since women are naturally considered the “weaker sex.” To add insult to injury, Jackson was also violently forced to pay all medical and psychological bills for his son. Since he is male, he is expected to be punished both physically and financially, even when he does not commit a crime. “

Judy Spence said there were no plans to extend the methadone program beyond the two in women's prisons in Brisbane and Townsville. So despite the fact that men comprise the overwhelming majority of prisoners in Qld (94%) the only prisons that allow the treatment of drug addiction are female prisons, anther case of the soft approach for women.

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Men's Health

Research suggests that proportionally men die earlier than women in all age groups and have a higher death rate due to all cancers that are not sex related. Men comprise the overwhelming majority of people who are injured at work and are about twice as likely to be the victim of a homicide.
It would seem that men are the expendable sex.

  • Male life expectancy is 6 years less than for females
  • 80% of all suicides are male
  • There is little or no funding for men's health initiatives

While, there are numerous screening programs for female related cancers such as breast and cervical cancer, there is distinct lack of these services for men. In Australia women's health programs receive over $5billion in funding while funding for specific male initiatives attracted only about $10million (Click here for source document). Thus in regard to health spending, it would seem that women get over 99 per cent of the health funding and men get less than 1 per cent.

Prostate cancer kills about the same number of men each year as breast cancer does, but receives only a tiny fraction of the support and attention devoted to breast cancer. Movember an annual charity fund raising event in which participants grow mustaches to raise money for men's health, aims to address this imbalance by raising awareness and money for this important cause.

So if you want to support men's health grow a mo in November and register at Movember.

The table below contains four leading external causes of death 1998 for people in Australia.








Motor Vehicle Accidents








Accidental drowning and submersion




Female circumcision, or female genital mutilation is illegal to perform in Australia, the UK and USA and most other developed nations. This cruel and unnecesary procedure is now rejected by most civilised people. However, male genital mutilation which is also known as circumcision is widely practiced without any protests or resistance. Male genital mutilation has a profound impact on the psychology and physiology of men. The quotes below come from this website from men who still have their foreskins.

“My foreskin is sensitive (pleasurably so) when my penis is flaccid or erect and plays a great part in my sexual activity and pleasure."

"the vaunted gliding motion of the foreskin is the key, but so is the tingling of the foreskin itself; uncut men seem to have the capacity to get and keep erections more easily, and have multiple orgasms"

"when the glans is covered, every movement of my foreskin along the shaft can trigger an orgasm, but by far most stimulating is rubbing the frenulum inside my foreskin"

There was the famous case of “Dr John Money and the Boy who had no penis”. “They burned his dick off, there was a malfunction with the equipment during the circumcision and instead of them just burning off the foreskin they burnt off the whole penis, so it was just like a black bit of string “.

Because of this injury doctors suggested to his parents that Bruce should become Brenda, but he never really adapted to life as a girl. In his teens he discovered what had happened and began hormone therapy had a mastectomy. However, life delivered to David Reimer a range of challenges that eventually lead to him taking his own life with a shotgun in 2004.

The British Medical Society, Canadian Pediatric Society, and even the American Academies of Pediatrics have stated that there is no justification for routine circumcision.

“the most sensitive part of the penis, the frenulum of the foreskin, is removed in most infant circumcisions. The glans becomes artificially keratinized (dry, hardened, discolored, and wrinkled) as a result of permanent exposure, and thus significantly less sensitive. So circumcision further reduces erogenous sensitivity in the penis by reducing skin mobility and thus the ability to use the foreskin to massage the glans. “

Men suffer disproportionately from a range of behavioural problems including;
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Aspergers

Some suggest that these disorders are directly related to the manner in which men are socialised in our society. Indeed it is male socialisation that is held out as the culprit for a broad range of problems that affect men.

What is gender equality?

From a feminist perspective 'gender equality' has come to mean female domination, and male subjugation. It has lead to a reversal of discrimination, where once women were marginalised, and disparaged men have now taken their place.

Some feminists seem to have a curious scatoma when it comes to discrimination, as though all aspects of the male gender model lead to a privaleged position in society. Men have it all, or so they would have us believe, however the facts speak for themselves.

Now, if it were really the case, as feminists claim, that men have selfishly arranged everything to be wonderful for ourselves, absolutely ignoring womens' legitimate concerns and needs, then why are men so disadvantages on a range of issues (health, education, parenting etc).

In the next few posts I will discuss how men are currently disadvantaged in modern western societies.
(Click here for a summary of the major ways men are discriminated against).

"Canadian authors, Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young in a controversial 2001 book, Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture reported widespread examples of “laughing at men, looking down on men, blaming men, de-humanising men, and demonising men” in modern mass media. They concluded: “… the worldview of our society has become increasingly both gynocentric (focused on the needs and problems of women) and misandric (focused on the evils and inadequacies of men)”.

Definition of Misandry

Most of us would be familiar with the term misogyny (hatred of women), however few people are familiar with its opposite, misandry (mis'-an'-dre') the hatred or oppression of males. This may be related to the way our society ignores the oppression of men and generally focuses on men as the source of oppression as opposed to victims of it.

Feminism demonstrated how women were oppressed and it pointed the finger at men as the source of this subjugation. According to feminist theory, all men are part of this process and bear some responsibility for it. Therefore, it is acceptable in our society to disparage, insult and discriminate against men.

Men are portrayed as a homogenous mass who all benefit from the patriarchal system, however in the following pages I will show this to be a flawed perspective. For while men do have advantages these advantages come at a price.

While women have come a long way in addressing the oppressive impact of gender stereotyping men are still constrained by these constructs. Men are disadvantaged and discriminated against in a range of areas including health, education and as parents.

The aim of this website is to address this issue by activley lobbying for change, to raise awareness and generate support for men who are damaged and disadvantaged by our society. As men we have made great contributions to our society and as fathers we are a vital part of all family units.

"In January, Kate O Beirne released her no-holds-barred critique of the Ladies in Lavender, Women Who Make the World Worse. Noting that the modern women's movement is totalitarian in its methods, radical in its aims, and dishonest in its advocacy, the book intones, we depend on manly characteristics to keep us safe. Every single one of the dead firemen on 9/11 was a man." "Automatic rubbishing of men, which is now so part of our culture that it is hardly even noticed. Feminism (she says) has achieved much for women, but why did this have to be at the cost of men. .......We have many wonderful, clever, powerful women everywhere but what is happening to men?.......I was in a class of nine and ten year old girls and boys and this young woman was telling these kids that the reason for wars was the innately violent nature of men. You could see the little girls fat with complacency and conceit while the little boys sat there crumpled, apologizing for their existence, thinking this was going to be the pattern of their lives...... It is time we began to ask who are these women who continually rubbish men? The most stupid ill-educated nasty woman can rubbish the nicest, kindest and most intelligent man and no one protests. Men seem to be so cowed that they can't fight back and it's time they did." Doris Lessing

The picture above (the red man with knives in him) is of a new product that clearly illustrates how misandry has become an accepted part of our society. Its a knife block called All Men Are Bastards, that can be purchased online. If I created a similar item aimed at women or ethnic minorities there would be outrage, but because misandry is accepted in our society it is seen as funny.

It is in a similar vein to the popular t-shirt "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them", which if the word boy was substituted for girls, or Asians, or black people would generate hysteria and outrage with people pointing out how such attitudes create great suffering for those at whom it is directed. But men and boys are fair game and hence we cop the most obscene comments.