Thursday, December 20, 2007

Breaking The Lies 1 - The Gentler Sex Offender

The image on the left is a picture of Debbie Lafave who was convicted of having sex with a minor (14yr old boy) but received no prison time. Compare this sentence to that handed out to male teachers who commit the same crime.

Peter Zhorab on his website the NZ Equality Education Foundation notes that "In New Zealand, the Crimes Act 1961 was amended in 2004 to make sexual abuse by females a crime -- previously, it had not been a crime, so it is not surprising that it did not crop up in the media! This (previous) double standard and chivalry towards women is similar to what happened in 19th Century Britain, where Queen Victoria blocked the passing of a law which would have criminalised lesbianism -- because she could not believe it existed!"

Thus it may be said that our society would prefer not to believe that women can be perpetrators of sexual abuse, but just as the sexual abuse of females was obscured by social processes in the past, in the same way today the crimes of females are obscured by our rose coloured glasses.

Click on the link below to watch a you tube video entitled - Breaking the Lies 1 - The Gentler Sex Offender.

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yep this is one great website, also
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What gen X have to
do is teach gen Y males and the next generation of males after them to screen out the woman that are toxic to men only then will things change. teaches this
the guy is a genius.