Sunday, September 2, 2007

Law and Crime

Some people suggest that most laws are designed to regulate men, not women Indeed our laws are designed by men to control men. The best proof of that is the fact that about 94% of all prisoners are male.

Laws are supposedly designed to protect the weak, not the strong. Thus we have special laws protecting women from the activities of men, but do not laws protecting men from the activities of women. In our society, men are considered strong enough to stand on their own, and should not need protection.

Studies have shown that when a man or woman commits an equal crime, it is generally the man who gets the more severe punishment (examples include the punishment that is handed out to female pedophiles (click on this YOU TUBE video of female pedophiles) who abuse children and males who do the same thing). That is because most laws are directed against men, and most laws are designed to protect and benefit women. For example the “Violence Against Women Act” that was passed by the US Congress in 1998.

Roughly half of all sexual impropriety reported in U.S. prisons and jails last year was perpetrated by correctional staff, not inmates. Female staff were the offenders in two-thirds of the prison cases, and two-thirds of the victims of prison staff were male inmates, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

“A deranged Lorena Bobbit cuts off her husbands penis for no particular reason, gets one month mental observation, and is set free. She becomes a hero to certain women’s libbers with evil in their heart, and a source of considerable humor. If a man had cut off a woman’s breast (a considerably less damaging operation), he would be considered an unusually evil person by the media, and would have spent many years in jail”

“In July, 1999 George Walter Jackson of Albuquerque gets a 36 year sentence for allowing his wife to abuse their child. Judge and prosecutor agreed that Jackson’s wife did the abuse, but blamed him for being so weak in front of her. Even though Jackson had been abused as a child and couldn’t psychologically stand up to his wife, since he is a man he couldn’t use the “I was abused myself” plea that so many women get away with in the courts and in the media, since women are naturally considered the “weaker sex.” To add insult to injury, Jackson was also violently forced to pay all medical and psychological bills for his son. Since he is male, he is expected to be punished both physically and financially, even when he does not commit a crime. “

Judy Spence said there were no plans to extend the methadone program beyond the two in women's prisons in Brisbane and Townsville. So despite the fact that men comprise the overwhelming majority of prisoners in Qld (94%) the only prisons that allow the treatment of drug addiction are female prisons, anther case of the soft approach for women.

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