Sunday, September 2, 2007

What is Misandry-Away?

Welcome to my new blog that aims to remove the filthy scum that is misandry from our society. In recent times great products like Grime-Away have been developed to remove nasty stains from our lives. But as I look around the world today I cant help but notice the proliferation of messages, images and ideas that actively seek to undermine and attack men.

While I am a true believer in gender equality, I am sick and tired of being attacked and discriminated against because I am a man. While most westerns societies have adopted policies to benefit and assist disadvantaged women and eliminate misogyny (which is great), very few if any have done anything to address male issues (ie health, education, fatherhood. As men living in the post-modern western world we are bombarded with negative images of males, while women are held up as paragons of virtue to be protected at all costs. Well that is very sweet that we are so protective of women, but isnt it also patronising?

I mean the phrase 'women can do anything' suggests to me that women don't need much help. Today women are excelling in education, professions, politics and receive the benefits of being a women that include numerous programs and policies aimed at supporting their health, education, career development and personal development. In contrast when we look at male life expectancy, male suicide rates, men's health, the percentage of males in gaol and the absolute dearth of programs directed at supporting men, we can understand why males have so many problems, THEY DONT GET ANY HELP!

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