Sunday, September 2, 2007

Men's Health

Research suggests that proportionally men die earlier than women in all age groups and have a higher death rate due to all cancers that are not sex related. Men comprise the overwhelming majority of people who are injured at work and are about twice as likely to be the victim of a homicide.
It would seem that men are the expendable sex.

  • Male life expectancy is 6 years less than for females
  • 80% of all suicides are male
  • There is little or no funding for men's health initiatives

While, there are numerous screening programs for female related cancers such as breast and cervical cancer, there is distinct lack of these services for men. In Australia women's health programs receive over $5billion in funding while funding for specific male initiatives attracted only about $10million (Click here for source document). Thus in regard to health spending, it would seem that women get over 99 per cent of the health funding and men get less than 1 per cent.

Prostate cancer kills about the same number of men each year as breast cancer does, but receives only a tiny fraction of the support and attention devoted to breast cancer. Movember an annual charity fund raising event in which participants grow mustaches to raise money for men's health, aims to address this imbalance by raising awareness and money for this important cause.

So if you want to support men's health grow a mo in November and register at Movember.

The table below contains four leading external causes of death 1998 for people in Australia.








Motor Vehicle Accidents








Accidental drowning and submersion




Female circumcision, or female genital mutilation is illegal to perform in Australia, the UK and USA and most other developed nations. This cruel and unnecesary procedure is now rejected by most civilised people. However, male genital mutilation which is also known as circumcision is widely practiced without any protests or resistance. Male genital mutilation has a profound impact on the psychology and physiology of men. The quotes below come from this website from men who still have their foreskins.

“My foreskin is sensitive (pleasurably so) when my penis is flaccid or erect and plays a great part in my sexual activity and pleasure."

"the vaunted gliding motion of the foreskin is the key, but so is the tingling of the foreskin itself; uncut men seem to have the capacity to get and keep erections more easily, and have multiple orgasms"

"when the glans is covered, every movement of my foreskin along the shaft can trigger an orgasm, but by far most stimulating is rubbing the frenulum inside my foreskin"

There was the famous case of “Dr John Money and the Boy who had no penis”. “They burned his dick off, there was a malfunction with the equipment during the circumcision and instead of them just burning off the foreskin they burnt off the whole penis, so it was just like a black bit of string “.

Because of this injury doctors suggested to his parents that Bruce should become Brenda, but he never really adapted to life as a girl. In his teens he discovered what had happened and began hormone therapy had a mastectomy. However, life delivered to David Reimer a range of challenges that eventually lead to him taking his own life with a shotgun in 2004.

The British Medical Society, Canadian Pediatric Society, and even the American Academies of Pediatrics have stated that there is no justification for routine circumcision.

“the most sensitive part of the penis, the frenulum of the foreskin, is removed in most infant circumcisions. The glans becomes artificially keratinized (dry, hardened, discolored, and wrinkled) as a result of permanent exposure, and thus significantly less sensitive. So circumcision further reduces erogenous sensitivity in the penis by reducing skin mobility and thus the ability to use the foreskin to massage the glans. “

Men suffer disproportionately from a range of behavioural problems including;
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Aspergers

Some suggest that these disorders are directly related to the manner in which men are socialised in our society. Indeed it is male socialisation that is held out as the culprit for a broad range of problems that affect men.

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Laura MacDonald said...

Hi GR Klein
I just wanted to support your point that tolerance of male circumcision equals misandry. It does.
As someone who's always considered herself a feminist i'm increasingly appalled by women (mainly American it has to be said) saying that a man's natural body is disgusting or 'stinky' and must be forcibly modified.
This is vicious misandry and deserves to be stamped on.
It's worth pointing out every time you hear a woman say circumcision is necessary because of smegma, that she gets smegma to the same degree, so when is she getting her labia cut off to deal with it?