Saturday, March 8, 2008

Some men do some horrible things, however such men constitute a mere 2% of the male population

"Did you know that over 98 per cent of the men in the United States today have never been convicted of any violent crime or served time in prison? That, even though the U.S. imprisons a higher percentage of its citizens than any other nation, over 98 per cent of our men have never been convicted of rape, child molestation, assault, battery, breaking and entering, or any kind of violence? And almost half of the men who do land in prison are convicted of non-violent crimes (usually drug possession)?"

Androphobia: The only respectable bigotry: The mythology of male brutishness

Robert Anton Wilson

You know you dont have to look very hard to find examples of brutality, abuse or violence committed by males, however as the quote above exemplifies, men who committ such acts make up a tiny proportion of the total male population.

However, radical feminists would have us believe that all men are guilty of such acts or if give the opportunity very likely to committ such acts. This is an absurd proposition but one that seems to have been largely accepted by our society.

The same might be said for women. Of those females who engage in terrible acts of violence or abuse they comprise only a very small fraction of the overall female population. Thus just as with males those people who committ such acts are an aberration.

Simply because one small segment of a group of people engages in certain behaviours we cannot then generalise to the entire population of such individuals. However, this is what radical feminists ask us to do, one man committs a terrible crime, therefore all men are terrible. Using this same logic I would have to assume that if one women committs a despicable act then all women are despicable.........but I refuse to do this because it is illogical and wrong.

Women in my life have given me, love, compassion and joy, and some have given me pain, sorrow and torment and just a handful have given me both.

GR Klein

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