Monday, April 21, 2008

Incestuous Veronicas?

By GR Klein

Take a look at these two pictures - one shows the pop duo Tatu (who are not related) in a romantic embrace the other shows the Veronicas (who are sisters) in a romantic embrace. What is the difference?

The Veronicas like to attract attention and what better way to do that than to tap into the typical male (and increasingly female) lesbian fantasies. However, these girls are related and so not only are they implying a lesbian connection but an incestuous one. Bloody outrageous!
Let me just say that I agree all people should have the freedom to love another person regardless of gender, however incest is where I draw the line.

In Australia there has been a major story about an adult father and daughter who have had a mutually consensual incestuous relationship and recently had a child (John and Jenny Deaves, see pictured below with their child). Most public opinion has ferociously condemned their actions as irresponsible, offensive and a threat to a civilised society.

How is that we can be horrified by a case of "real" incest yet titilated by the concept of "stylised" lesbian incest that the Veronica's personify.

It sells thats why.

Russian pop duo "Tatu" were created for this very reason and made a chunk of money for their promoters. Now it seems that the Veronicas have taken this same concept and ramped it up a bit to include one of the greatest taboos in our society - incest.

Take a look at any Veronicas promotional material (Check out this video at bottom of page) and you will find that in many cases they are caught in provocative embraces, with seductive expressions to dare us to imagine what might come next.
Here is food for thought - can you think of any successful male brothers who have been in the music industry and created an image that implied they were in a sexual relationship ? ( the Chris Crocker video of him kissing his brother doesnt count - because while they may have attracted some fame, they have no talent)

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