Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sugar and Spice - Teenage Girls vicious attack on three women

The following story appeared in the paper below. Recall the nursery rhyme, "sugar and spice and all things nice" it told us that it was only boys who did vulgar violent things.

This mythology informs many aspects of our society creating a distorted view of our world, in which female violence is invisible. (the original title of this story was "Vicious bashing of three women", yet one of the most salient factors here, that is that the attackers were women is not only downplayed it is virtually ignored in the article- Makes you wonder?)

It seems that radical feminists would rather pretend that violence is only the domain of men, but sadly this is not true. While the attack described below is an isolated incident research and anecdotal evidence suggests that we are seeing an increase in violent crimes committed by women.

And once again just because some women committ violent acts does in no way suggest that all women deserve condemnation. However, this is the outrageous line that the feminists take. Take this quote from the radical feminist Andrea Dworkin, "I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig." One man does thing bad, therefore feminists say all men are bad. - GR Klein

By Aleks Devic, 07Apr08, Geelong Advertiser

AN 85-YEAR-OLD grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter were viciously bashed in the city yesterday afternoon.

Bridget, 16, says she was pulled to the ground and kicked to the head and face in an unprovoked attack while walking with her mum and grandmother (see picture above).

Bridget said the drama unfolded as the family walked up Moorabool St to get some lunch at 1.30pm when two females allegedly set upon them near 7-Eleven.

``We were walking and this girl yelled out to me what are you wearing, you slut,'' Bridget said.``That's when I turned around and said excuse me.

``She pulled my hair from behind, dragged me to the ground.''

The two females then allegedly started kicking the teen to the head, leaving her covered in blood. Mum Bernadette, who recently had surgery for a brain tumor, then jumped on her daughter to protect her and was also kicked in the head.

Bridget's frightened grandmother then intervened, pleading for the attackers to stop, yelling that Bernadette was recovering from a brain tumour.

``When they heard that, their friends were yelling kick her harder it was just horrific and sickening,'' Bernadette said.``I thought if I don't jump on Bridget they were going to kill her.

``What scares me is if Bridget was alone she might be dead now are we would telling a very different story. ''While Bridget was in the Geelong police station giving evidence, she collapsed and stopped breathing and was rushed to hospital.

She is nursing severe head injuries and a broken nose, while her mother has a broken toe and bruising to her head.Bridget said a passerby helped stopped the fight and stayed with the three women while police came but the attackers continued to taunt them.

`` They just stayed around like nothing happened and were still threatening us,'' she said.Bridget pleaded with people to stop senseless violence. ``Why do people do this, it's so wrong and pointless,'' she said.

``What happened to us I would not wish upon my worst enemy. ``Bashing me is one thing but two older ladies, it's just so wrong.

``I don't want to be in the paper looking like this but people need to know what's going on and if me coming forward will prevent it happening to someone else then I don't care how I look.''

Police last night said two women, aged 19 and 20, were charged with several serious assault charges and would appear in the Geelong Magistrates' Court at a date to be fixed

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