Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lesbians and single mothers using IVF to eliminate fatherhood

It is wonderful that technology has advanced to such a point whereby we can throw away millions of years of evolutionary processes, to embrace a new system of parenting in which fathers are non existent. A Brave New World beckons us, but I wonder how women will feel when they too are removed from the process and our children have no parents other than the test tube they grew up in.

A recent book by Louise Sloan, Knock yourself up - No Man, No problem, is a great example of the selfish approach to parenting that is the norm today. You see Louise is focused on her needs, her need to be a mother, her need to feel loved but because she is a lesbian she cant have children by any other way than IVF or can she?

Well she could actually, as most of us old school people are familiar with there is time honoured process one engages in when one wants a kid, its called sex and you need a male and a female to produce the goods.

IVF was initialling developed to help infertile couples conceive, these were people with no other option. It is a very expensive process and as such is only available to the wealthy. Furthermore, with all the lesbians and single mothers lining up to get IVF there is now competition for this service between those who need it, because they have no other choice (ie infertile couples) and those who have decided to use it because they refuse to have sex with a man (ie lesbians or single women).

Being a lesbian is a preference for certain sexual stimulation and last time I checked an orgasm was not essential for a woman to conceive. Thus I think that any keen leso could if she wanted find a bloke to fuck to get pregnant and in the process reduce the pressure on IVF services.

So rich lesbians and rich single women now flaunt their free choice to be mothers on demand. However, there is one crucial factor that has been omitted, and this is the child’s needs.

A child is the product of the DNA from a male and female and as such each parent is essential to the creation of this child. Following on from this within each individual regardless of gender there exists both masculine and feminine qualities and our parents help us to develop these qualities.

However, when a young girl is learning about menstruation and when a young boy is learning about wet dreams if is best is the person helping them to deal with this has been through it themselves. Furthermore, young boys need to learn from their mothers and young girls need to learn from their fathers, to create well rounded individuals.

Children have the right know their parents and any society that creates a system (IVF) that obscures this is doing a great disservice to future generations. We only have to look at the effect of adoption and the fact that many adopted people choose to seek out their natural parents and we can only assume that IVF will create a similar legacy.

Finally books such as this add to the cultural view that when it comes to parenting fathers are an optional extra that can easily be dispensed with. Yet more and more research is showing how important fathers are to the development of healthy young men and women. Rather then continuing to denigrate fatherhood we need to give the role the importance that it deserves

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