Monday, January 7, 2008

Male bashing - its only a joke.......................

Warren Farrell suggests that, "In the past quarter century, we exposed biases against other races and called it racism, and we exposed biases against women and called it sexism. Biases against men we call humor."

The above quote is an example of the way "male bashing" has become an accepted part of our culture. Female performers like Pink, can be seen in many of her videos bashing up men or conspiring to bash men. Just pause for a moment and imagine the same scene except, now it is Justin Timberlake who is bashing up a whole lot of women in his videos. How would this be received?

Or take Amy Winehouse’s recent admission that she regularly bashes up her husband. Yet this admission of spousal abuse that would see a man jailed and publicly humiliated barely gets a mention in the media.

Recently in Australia they made a television commercial where a girl is on a beach feeding sausages into a meet grinder and from the way the commercial is filmed it is implied that the sausages represent the a section of the male anatomy that is of similar shape. Once again can you please click you shoes together and come a journey to a far away place with me where everything is reversed. So imagine the same commercial but with a man simulating the mutilation of a women's genitals, pretty grim stuff hey.

Feminists demand equality and fair enough let everyone be treated with respect and have equal access to health, education and their children. Oh what I hear the feminists declare, you see when they say they want equality what they should have said is we want preferential treatment.

How can people and our society be so blind to the horrendous injustices being perpetrated against men throughout western industrialised nations. Well I think a major reason is that men are conditioned to live in denial, to deny pain, to deny emotion, to deny weakness. For one so conditioned it becomes almost impossible to seek help when it is really needed. Hence why men comprise 80% of all suicides.

However, I think the great battle to be fought is the disgusting injustice that is perpetrated by family courts in the UK, USA, Australia, NZ and many other countries. It is here that many men are first confronted with the pervasive discrimination that permeates our society.

Untold numbers of men are denied the right to be parents, relentlessly pursued for money and jailed if they cannot come up with it. Male victims of domestic violence are invisible because the prevailing zeitgeist spread by the feminist propaganda machine would have us believe that it is only men are perpetrate violence and women who are its victims.

Yet this stands in sharp contrast to the feminist catch cry, that women can do anything. I must say I whole heartedly agree, women can be leaders, doctors, parents, engineers, teachers, nurses, murderers, child abusers, domestic violence perpetrators, villains, cheats…….etc.

Human capacity for goodness is not a function of gender, I know that there are plenty of fuckwits on both sides of the gender divide.

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