Friday, January 4, 2008

RADAR ALERT: In 2007 We Set the Stage for DV Reform!

In 2007 domestic violence programs around the country
continued to
encourage false allegations, undermine families,
force children into single-parent households, ignore the civil
rights of the falsely accused,
and discriminate against male

And as RADAR's Special Report "Why Have Domestic
Violence Programs Failed to Stop Partner Abuse?" reveals,
these programs have been flatly ineffective in reducing abuse
rates - and in some cases placed victims at greater risk of violence.

In response RADAR and the VAWA Reform Coalition continued
to make the case for reform. Highlights of the year included:

1. Expansion of the VAWA Reform Coalition to about 90 organizations in 32

2. Sponsorship of 5 high-profile campaigns:

- Time to Tell the Truth about Domestic Violence (Domestic Violence
Awareness Month):
- House Resolution 590: Half-Truths, Distortions, and Lies:
- Nifong: Tip of the Iceberg:
- Stop CEDAW/I-VAWA, Protect the Family:
- International-VAWA: Exporting Family Break-Up:

3. Extensive media activities:

- 42 Alerts:
- 16 press releases:
- Numerous interviews and op-eds:

4. Release or updating of 6 Special Reports that document the problems:

- Has VAWA Delivered on its Promises to Women?
- A Culture of False Allegations: How VAWA Harms Families and Children
- Why Have Domestic Violence Programs Failed to Stop Partner Abuse?
- Education for Injustice
- Justice Denied: Arrest Policies for Domestic Violence (update)
- VAWA Programs Discriminate Against Male Victims (update)

5. Release of the Agenda for VAWA Reform:

6. Freedom of Information Act request revealing a widescale lack of
services for male victims:

7. Major expansion of information on the RADAR website

8. Sustained lobbying presence on Capitol Hill

But 2007 was just the beginning.

2008 is a presidential election year and the candidates need to
hear from everyone about the necessity to reform domestic
violence laws - they especially need to know about the Agenda
for VAWA Reform:

Get involved in the critical effort to protect families and children.
We will make a difference in 2008.

Date of RADAR Release: 2 January 2008

R.A.D.A.R. – Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse
Reporting - is a non-profit, non-partisan organization of
men and women working to improve the effectiveness of
our nation's approach to solving domestic violence.

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