Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Which presidential candidate is speaking up for men and boys?

Hillary Clinton regularly speaks about the needs of women and how she will champion the needs of those who suffer at the hands of a discriminatory system. It sounds inspiring a hero who will stand up for the weak (women) and fight the evil patriarchy (men). Except if you are a man I am concerned that Hillary will continue to escalate the war on men currently being played out in the media.

There has been no mention of the terrible injustice that tens of thousands of American fathers are exposed to through the discriminatory family court system. There has been no mention of the terrible state of male health, the fact that men comprise 80% of all suicide victims, and the massive overrepresentation of men in the criminal justice system (93%).

Men are socialised to protect women and children, women are socialised to protect women and children. And this tendency is evident in the current presidential campaign, as no-one from either side of politics has stood up for men while both sides have waxed lyrical about the needs of women and how they will fight for them.

Check out the stories below.

Daughter, mother at Clinton stop

CONCORD, N.H. - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary
Rodham Clinton used family and friends as she appealed to
female voters at the start of a two-day campaign swing.

Clinton, in a tight race with Barack Obama in New Hampshire,
the first state to vote in a primary election after the Iowa
caucuses, was joined by her mother, Dorothy Rodham,
her daughter, Chelsea, and State Senate President Sylvia

Rodham and Chelsea Clinton didn't address the crowd, but
Larsen did.

"I know about glass ceilings," said Larsen, only the third woman
to lead the state legislative branch. Larsen said Clinton
represented the United States on international trips, worked
for children and families and was a major player in her
husband's administration.

"As first lady, she was both a strategist and an idealist," Larsen

- AP

Speak out for boys

Re: "Daughter, mother at
Clinton stop," Dec. 22:

What is strikingly startling is the complete absence of any
candidate from either party who is making closing arguments
to boys and men equivalent to Hillary Clinton's outreach to
girls and women.

Given that women already are gender superior in areas of
education, reproductive rights, family - particularly divorce,
paternity fraud, custody, child-support, alimony and single
parenthood - and soon will be superior in work and pay, there
is no dearth of issues for men.

What there is a dearth of is "presidential timber" candidates
willing to defy P.C. ideology and demand equal treatment for
boys and men in all areas of life.

Gordon E. Finley

Professor of psychology
Florida International University

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